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Since December, I've been focused on getting the manuscript for "The Magic of Feedback" ready for the publisher.


I appreciate all the people who have allowed me to gather their feedback stories, Jan Fraser my coach, Sue L. my cover designer, and Marnie for stepping in to handle admin chores so I can stay focused on creating MAGIC!


Also, big hugs for John, my accountability partner, Philp, Maggie, Victoria and lots of other people who have been so supportive over the last five months.


Look for a 'preview' coming soon!  In the meantime, check out Success Looks Great on You below!



Business Plan

Imagine what it would feel like a year from now to have
reached your highest goals.

Imagine how your world would change.

Let me help you achieve your breakthrough goals.

Are you ready to change your life?



FOR A complimentary



Mountain Range

A long time dream came true!
Life Lessons in Success  was just released!

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I'm excited to share with you the book I co-authored with 35 amazing people from all over the world!

Please join me as we each share a personal story and a lesson we learned as we overcame a challenge

using the Success Principles.

My goal is to inspire, support and encourage you through sharing stories about real people achieving real success.

My chapter is entitled "You're Out of Order: Opportunity for Improvement" and is about the value of feedback.

I hope you are inspired by our stories!

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Traci P,
RE/MAX Security Real Estate

ENCOURAGED!  MOTIVATED!  INSPIRED!  That's how I feel when I leave  one of Sherry's Success Looks Great on You events. Since attending my 1st SLGOY session I have set goals & surpassed. In just 6 months I paid off my student loans, received sales awards (including TOP 20 Texas) & healed emotional wounds. My relationships with family, friends & clients have become more meaningful & fulfilling.  I happily found that I love myself more truly & completely than ever before.  And, I have adapted daily habits that keep me on the continue to continue path to true & meaningful success in every area of my life.


Nanci K,
Remley Advisory Group

The "Success Looks Great On You"  workshops.  Sherry's enthusiasm and passion for helping others become successful is contagious.  I learned how to set and visualize my goals in all areas of my life.  During my career I participated in many professional workshops/seminars but none compare to what I have learned from Sherry.  I would highly recommend these workshops for every person who would like to be more successful in any area of their lives.


Tim S.
Regional VP
Operations White Lodging

Sherry is insightful, motivating and has an ability to identify root cause issues quickly.  She is gifted in her ability to draw each member of a team into a discussion, ensuring every perspective is heard.  Her ability to be transparent, truthful and direct enables the team to quickly embrace any drivers of dysfunction which in turn drives the resolution process.  She is an outstanding leader for team building events and an even better executive coach.


Jennifer G.
General Manager
Marriot International

Sherry brings unparalleled energy and passion to help individuals realize their greater purpose.  Her “Success Looks Great on You” workshop provided a platform that allowed me to gain clarity and focus on my true vision and goals.  This success formula applies to any goal in life, whether it be career related or personal health.  I highly recommend you reach out to Sherry today to unlock your potential. 

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