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Mountains in Clouds

by Sherry McCool and 35 Success Trainers

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Thirty-six authors, each a certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer in the Canfield Methodology, have chosen stories from their own lives which taught valuable lessons that supported growth.

Each story comes from the concept of events plus response equals outcome, (E+R=O). Responses are a choice – that is the point of power. In order to create different outcomes, it is necessary to choose better responses.

Forward written by Jack Canfield, author of the 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' books.

I hope this collection of stories motivates and inspires YOU!



I read this book over the course of a couple days - it was truly enjoyable and a breeze to get into. Each story inspired me with a unique tale -- all true -- that made me ponder my life and its many blessings.


I enjoyed so many of the stories that relate to where people are in their lives at different times and how they overcame it. Thank you for letting me share this experience.


Not only are the stories inspiring but the advice and wisdom contained in this book will help guide you towards your own success. The book is very well organized and the advice given in it is easy to follow.


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