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Forty years ago, in a galaxy far, far away after crashing his Starfighter, Luke Skywalker met a mysterious green being in a swamp. Though small in stature, the revered, wise and powerful Jedi Master -Yoda forever changed Luke’s life and ours also.

You’re probably thinking this is going to be an article about “DO. OR NOT DO. THERE IS NO TRY”. True enough, that slogan has often been the source of the Try Exercise:

·      Grasp a pencil in your hand ·      Extend your arm away from your body ·      Hold your hand palm side down/knuckles up ·      Now TRY to drop the pencil ·      TRY HARDER - come on!!!

Trying is not an action, therefore the pencil never dropped.

THERE IS NO TRY” has been my mantra and a resource for restoring my commitment in countless difficult situations but it’s not the Yoda quote I’m thinking of today.

YOU MUST UNLEARN WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED.” – is the Yoda wisdom I am reflecting on today.

I would suggest, in our current topsy-turvy world, the ability to respond to change rapidly with fresh eyes and an open-mind is the new must have 2020 Jedi warrior skill. We’re at a place in our history where we must develop and enhance our ability to observe and embrace change swiftly. We need to have the same focus, intention and commitment that Luke Skywalker ultimately demonstrated to get his Starfighter out of the swamp.

If you don’t currently welcome and embrace change…here are a couple of suggestions to expand your 'change' comfort zone:

·      Take a different route to work, to the store or wherever ·      Change-up your morning routine ·      Watch with fresh eyes and an open mind something new on TV ·      Cook for yourself or order some food you’ve never eaten ·      Listen with an open mind to a music genre you claim you can’t stand

Even though none of the above are earth-shattering they still may feel uncomfortable and that’s the point…learn to be ok with being uncomfortable.


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