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 I’ve been participating in a 30 day workshop where we post a live 1 to 3 minute video every day – 7 days a week. After 25 days of practice and feedback, I noticed I was starting to feel my camera confidence increasing, plus I was concisely delivering a consistent clear message-  WOW!!!

The comfort and ease that’s evolved over the past 3+ weeks is more than just knowing to how to look directly into the camera and just talking to a screen. It’s a level of self-confidence that shows in my facial expression, voice tone and pacing of my speaking.

I’m definitely learning from daily practice and value the personal feedback. Being part of a group that collectively shares their videos allows me to improve my skills faster and easier than expected.

Watching others from the vantage point of what can I learn from her/him today is powerful. I see my team mates being spontaneous, graceful, passionate, entertaining and emotional. It helps me anti-up more authenticity on my next video. I watch them share heartfelt descriptions of their work and why that work is important to them. That helps me gain clarity. Day after day, they share their life lessons with me and I dig deeper than I would have if I had been doing this without group interaction and connection.

My video live mastery investment affirms for me the value of zoom learning, the importance of group interaction, the necessity of practice-practice-practice along with on course/off course feedback and the joy of learning from all the members of our awesome group.

I hope you enjoy learning opportunities in your day.

PS: I’m rolling out a program in September that’s designed to provide business leaders, like you, with a safe space to share an interactive, action-oriented experience that will enable you to achieve breakthrough results in record time…more about that tomorrow!

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