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Right Now, Being a Business Leader Sucks!

I’m jumping on quickly today to recognize your tireless efforts. I know you are working 7 days a week non-stop to keep your business open or to find ways to reopen your business so you can bring your employees back to work.

I get it…right now, being a business leader sucks!!!

You are too stressed to eat or you eat because you're too stressed. You are too overwhelmed to sleep or you can barely drag yourself out of bed because you’re so overwhelmed. And, you are too busy to make time for your family or if you do…you feel guilty because you have a job and millions of others don’t.

During my 34 year career with Marriott International and as a business owner, I have experienced and understand the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ramifications of stress, overwhelm and being too busy. That is why I created Success Looks Great on You – Level 3.

It’s a safe space to come face to face with your stress and overwhelm. For some of you…it’s also an opportunity to let go of the guilt that comes in times of business chaos especially when you’re forced to furlough and lay-off people. Success Looks Great on You uses interactive experiences and transformational tools. Level 3 allows you to receive one-on-one Executive Coaching.

I want stressed out, overwhelmed, too busy for life business leaders to gain a sense of peace, to accomplish their business requirements with greater ease and to breathe easier as you face this difficult time in your career and your life.

Check out – signup for Level 3 and I’ll see you in September.

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