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Mr. Miyagi, my Karate Kid mentor would be proud of me.

Wax On: I made the commitment to share a LinkedIn article Monday – Friday for 30 days to enlarge my social media comfort zone.

Wax Off: I posted 1 week of articles with 125 words or less to improve my ability to deliver concise communications.

Wax On: I’m participating in a 30 day Video Live Mastery workshop to increase my “on camera” skills.

Wax Off: I do 4 x 4 breathing throughout the day (inhale to count of 4, pause to count of 4, exhale to count of 4, pause to count of 4 and repeat.) I find the pause is where I’m learning the most.

Wax On: The vision for my new website came to me in my morning meditation last week.

Wax Off: I’m taking action every day to move toward my goal of helping thousands of frustrated business leaders achieve breakthrough results, in all area of the lives…in record time!

I know WAX ON – WAX OFF – BREATHE worked for Daniel-san, it’s working for me and I hope you will enjoy making it work for you as well.

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