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A dear friend often tells me “stay green.” That is her way of reminding me to have fresh eyes in all situations, especially when it is something I’ve done before. Her words encourage me to take responsibility to learn something new, to view the event from a new perspective and to let go of what I think I know. Staying green requires me to have an open-mind and a willing heart.

Last week I spent 3 days in Zoom meetings enjoying the opportunity to stay green. We were reviewing material I’m very familiar with and have been certified to present. I did all the prep-work, as assigned, with the intention to have an open-mind and a willing heart to learn and enhance my skills. I showed up for all the meetings with enthusiasm.  I was excited to meet new people, to study the material from a new perspective and to be fully present as a participant.

I admit there were moments when my ego-mind said:

“Really, I’m supposed to read this script – that’s ridiculous I know how to present this.”

My willing heart took charge and replied:

“Thank you for that observation, but I am staying green and I’m going to be 100% apart of this international group of amazing people and follow the guidance as it is given.” On day 2 and 3 we spent most of our 10 hours together presenting our scripts in small break-out groups. We had multiple opportunities to give and receive feedback. I filled pages with notes of things I observed other people do well – how they engaged the audience, phrases they used that captured my attention, clever titles and transitions they created. I valued the feedback I was given, it was timely, clear and specific. The feedback I received also affirmed, people experience the joy I feel when I’m helping others live healthy, happy, successful lives that bring them joy.

I am so happy and grateful I showed up for the workshop with the intention to stay green. That mindset enabled me to have a powerful learning experience with a global community of talented people dedicated to sharing The Success Principles.

If you want help staying green check out and sign-up for my 6 week program starting October 27th or the 6 month program starting January 12, 2021.

The Success Principles – How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield & Janet Switzer

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