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Success Looks Great On YOU!

Several years ago, as part of my Jack Canfield Success Principles Train the Trainer Live certification, I created a half-day workshop. I used the framework suggested by Jack to provide structure and flow. I called on my many years of Marriott training experiences to give the event a big dose of reality. Using the Canfield Methodology, my personal experience and lots of fun resources Success Looks Good On You was a success.

In fact, participants asked for a follow-up workshop. As I worked to put together a second half day event, I realized I really didn’t want success to look good on my clients…I wanted success to look GREAT on them.

I remembered a line from the book Good to Great:

“The enemy of great is not bad, the enemy of great is good.”

I flashed back on the feeling Jim Collins’ words gave me when I first read his book many years ago. There was a breakthrough feeling and awareness that just on the other side of GOOD was something even better.

It was easy to be satisfied and comfortable with good because we grew up going to good schools, living in good communities and having good families. Good was what most people strived for…to live a good life. It was easy to see how good had become the enemy of great.

However, I also realized, when I was leading a team, managing a business or facilitating a project I wanted our effort to be our collective best so we would excel, be #1…and be GREAT!

That’s how Success Looks Good On You became SUCCESS LOOKS GREAT YOU!

I want to help you go from good to great…checkout

GREAT reads:

· Good To Great by Jim Collins

· Good Is the Enemy Of Great by Kurt Reece-Peeplez

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